Becoming a host is simple and easy with our booking system


Becoming a HOST FAMILY FOR STUDENTS is 100% FREE and takes only 3 simple steps. 

1. Click on becoming a HOST on top right cornor on home page.

2. Follow the instructions step by step, providing a detailed profile of yourself and area bus routes etc, and upload required      images. include your rates, and most importantly your availability in the calender section. This is what the students will see and know exactly when your room is available to book.

3. YOU ARE NOW READY TO ACCEPT BOOKINGS FROM STUDENTS AND RENT OUT YOUR SPARE ROOM.  You will get detailed information on every student who wants to book your room and have 12 hours to accept or decline their request.  Once booking is accepted, both parties will get each others information. When student arrives they pay you directly weekly or monthly rent you have advertised.

Becoming a HOST on House My Student is very attractive, because it is 100% FREE for you the HOST. No hidden charges whatsoever.  You simple upload all your information on our secure platform and your listing is then available to students worldwide.  You now have complete control over your listing, change the dates you are available to host,  change the pricing, maybe change your profile whatever you want you can edit your listing at anytime. The more information you give and the quality of your photos will determine how many booking requests you get so make sure you take the time to fill out correctly.  Our listing team is at hand to help if needs be and see our help on top tips on how to make your profile and listing stand out from the crowd.

Hosts by giving  a detailed Bio on themselves and their home/accommodation and a wealth of information on what they have to offer get more bookings from students.  Good quality images is of uptmost importance as is having the calender correctly updated so students can see if your room is actually free to book.  The simple calender system now lets the students know that a particular room in a house is actually free but lets us know to advertise for you across many platforms.

When you get a booking request you have 12 hours to accept who you wish to stay with you.  And through our secure platform seeing the detailed profile of all students  Once you are happy with the profile of the student you have 12 hours to let us know if you they are okay to go ahead and book the room. All Students will be vetted by us so you have no need to worry, Once booking fee is paid the room is booked for those calender dates and on arrival the student/guest pays you directly.

A simple to use platform which is secure and offers competitive prices to help both students and hosts on getting reasonable priced accommodation. 

Host a student today and enjoy the rich experience of helping students from other cultures feel at home and secure as well as earning extra income.  Many of our family/hosts have my years experience and have a wealth of knowledge in helping with local information. Host families for students has been made easy on this website. Wave taken the hassle out of hosting and you can use this plaform like your own little business with the click of a button you are ready to host and search for students who are looking in your area. 

If this is your first time and your thinking of hosting a student, let our team help you with any questions you may have and how to get started today. See our FAQS* bottom of home page, for any further information to help you with hosting or simple email us on if you have any questions at all on how to get set up today. 

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What you need to become a Host on House My Student is very simple if you have never hosted before.