House My Student was set up to help mature students/interns around the world find safe and secure student accommodation, while on their studies. We noticed a lack of affordable student accommodation, rising rent prices, lack of help and safe premises, that we decided to create a platform and community that could help and bring students and hosts together on one easy to use platform. We have hundreds of host familes in Ireland offering secure safe accommodation. With Student rooms in Dublin, Galway and Cork. Click and search for student accommodation near your university and have your room booked in minutes.

We created a platform that is not only safe and secure but takes the hassle out of trying to book and secure a room and gives students piece of mind to find a host they can enjoy staying with.  Our platform gives a wealth of information to help make an educated choice where one wishes to stay. You can search and simply book online, and within 12 hours know whether your booking request has been accepted or declined.. We have done all the hard work for you, having vetted all properties, see images and local information and profile of each property.  Finding and booking a room could not be simpler. Our platform and secure booking system helps reduce viewings times and give you the confidence to secure a property with just the few clicks of a button. If you can not find a property on our system, sign up and give a detailed profile of yourself, your budget and locations of interested and our BOOKING TEAM will help you as best they can, to find what you are looking for. New properties are uploaded daily.

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Become A Host

Becoming a HOST on House My Student is very attractive, because it is 100% FREE for you the HOST. No hidden charges whatsoever. We have created a user-friendly website to get your room in front of hundreds of students who can send you a booking request and have your room booked out in minutes. You simple upload all your information on our secure platform and our booking team will be in contact with you and have your listing live within minutes and be available to see by hundreds of potential students. All Students/guests are vetted by us. When a student makes a booking request you are sent directly their profiles, when they wish to book your room and you have 12 hours to Accept or Decline their booking request. At House My Student we do all the work for you, our platform and booking system helps reduce viewing times, get bookings in advance all year round, give full profiles of vetted students and guests and keep your room booked all year round with our simple to use website and calendar system. Our booking team and platform does all the work for you. Simple keep your calendar up to date and whenever your room is free, it will be advertised. You will receive booking requests directly to your email by anyone who has clicked and searched for your room and you have the final say on accepting or declining their booking request. and only when you have accepted someone do, they receive your details. and on arrival date they pay you directly first month’s rent. Click here now for more information.

How It Works

House My Student is a simple and secure user-friendly platform to mediate between hosts and students from all countries, that can match, book and search for safe and secure accommodation with just the click of a button. The booking system is simple, The quickest way to book and secure your room. 1. Sign up and give details and profile of yourself. Student/guest must provide, photo and a detailed profile of themselves, arrival date and departure date to be able to send a booking a request. 2. Click search and find what room is available and all the info on the host and room you wish to book. You can only book rooms that are available. 3. Send your booking request to the host, who will have a maximum of 12 hours to accept or reject the booking request. But this is usually a lot quicker. 4. Once host has accepted your booking request you will be contacted by the booking team. The student/guest can now pay the booking fee trough Paypal or bank transfer. (Students/guests have maximum 24 hrs after been accepted to pay booking fee or room will go to the next person interested in the room) This one-time booking fee holds that room for the arrival and departure dates agreed. 5.Once booking fee has been paid, the room is now booked and the full details of the Host and Student/guest are given to one another. Both parties can now contact each other. 6. On arrival date the student/guest pays first month's rent up front directly to the Host until departure date. Whether on a weekly or monthly agreement. Click here now for more information.


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